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What Are Coaches Looking For?

What Are Coaches Looking For

As the years go by it seems like the tryout season is starting earlier every year. With tryout season upon us once again, we’ve created a list of things coaches are looking for in tryouts. This is our compiled list of what coaches are looking for when conducting tryouts. 


  1. A player that loves the game. We’ve all met the kid that’s in sports for their parents and coaches will recognize this. Even if a player has talent it will be a waste if they don’t want to be there and actively get better. 
  2. Hustle. A coach loves a player who has hustle instilled in them. Hustling shows that a player is willing to work hard.
  3. Mechanics. Even if a player doesn’t perform their best they will be primarily judged on their fundamentals. This would be their throwing, swinging, and fielding mechanics. Strong fundamentals are developed at the earliest ages of a players career such as 10 and 12 years old. 
  4. Confidence. Players that lack confidence will struggle to fully showcase their talent. When players are scared to fail they won’t be as open to trying or learning new things. Coaches want a player who will have the confidence in themselves to learn new things even though they might fail.
  5. Coachable. An ideal player for a coach is one who can take criticism and use it to better themselves. Players that aren’t making changes asked by coaches are considered uncoachable and their growth as a player will be stalled because of it.
  6. Team players. It’s hard to tell team players just from tryouts, but ultimately a coach will want someone who puts team wins above their own personal merits.