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Tips for Future College Softball Players

Tips for Future College Softball Players

After loving the game and playing it growing up, many athletes decide to continue playing through college. College softball is quite different from travel ball and more similar to a high school team. However, college ball is an entirely different environment than most athletes are used to. Here we’ve compiled a list of things you should know about playing college softball. 

  1. Academics. In high school, you go to school at a set time every day and usually do homework at night. In college, you’ll have classes throughout the day and spurts of free time. It is essential that you take the free time to stay up with academics, or you’ll fall into procrastination. Nobody will be there pushing you to get your work done. 
  2. Coaching Style. College coaches have complete control over your playing time, and they want the best 9 out there. Coaches want to see girls with positive attitudes, strong work ethic, and consistency in their play. It isn’t enough to go through practice; you have to stand out and bring something to the table. 
  3. Workouts.  Throughout college, you will be pushed in the weight room and conditioning to reach your full potential. Coaches want to see strength and endurance improving throughout your 4 years. Conditioning is going to be hard for everyone, but it brings you together as a team.