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Fastpitch Masters Skills Camp Team Entries

Interested in bringing your team to one of our Master Skills Camps? We offer a 15% discount on team sign-ups of 8 or more players. Please choose the camp from the list below for all the details and to take advantage of this incredible offer! Act fast, as due to limited space, we are only able to take 2 teams per camp.

Winter Camps (A-Z)
AL - Mobile 12/17/22 - Click for Team EntryAL - Mobile 12/17/22High Velocity Sports Performance +FitnessClick for Team Entry
AR - Little Rock 01/28/23 - Click for Team EntryAR - Little Rock 01/28/23Proformance Sports AcademyClick for Team Entry
AR - Northwest Arkansas 01/29/23 - Click for Team EntryAR - Little Rock 01/28/23AR - Little Rock 01/28/23Click for Team Entry
CO - Colorado Springs 01/15/23 - Click for Team EntryCO - Colorado Springs 01/15/23D-BAT Colorado SpringsClick for Team Entry
CO - Denver 11/26/22 - Click for Team EntryCO - Denver 11/26/22Sports StableClick for Team Entry
CO - Fort Collins 01/16/23 - Click for Team EntryCO - Fort Collins 01/16/23Integrity Sports ArenaClick for Team Entry
DE - Middletown 11/13/22 - Click for Team EntryDE - Middletown 11/13/22Slim's Sports ComplexClick for Team Entry
FL - Jacksonville 11/26/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTFL - Jacksonville 11/26/22Five Tool TrainingClick for Team Entry
FL - Sarasota 11/27/22 - Click for Team EntryFL - Sarasota 11/27/22Square Up Baseball & SoftballClick for Team Entry
FL - Tallahassee 01/22/23 - Click for Team EntryFL - Tallahassee 01/22/23Powermill Training AcademyClick for Team Entry
IA - Des Moines 11/19/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTIA - Des Moines 11/19/22MVP SportsClick for Team Entry
IA - Dubuque 01/15/23 - Click for Team Entry
IA - North Liberty 01/14/23 - Click for Team EntryIA - North Liberty 01/14/23Diamond Dreams Sports AcademyClick for Team Entry
IA - Quad Cities 01/16/23 - Click for Team EntryIA - Quad Cities 01/16/23River's EdgeClick for Team Entry
IA - Waterloo 11/20/22 - Click for Team EntryIA - Waterloo 11/20/22Full Count Baseball and Softball AcademyClick for Team Entry
IL - Chicago 12/10/22 - Click for Team EntryIL - Chicago 12/10/22Elite Sports PerformanceClick for Team Entry
IL - Peoria 12/11/22 - Click for Team EntryIL - Peoria 12/11/22The Yard PeoriaClick for Team Entry
IN - Evansville 01/16/23 - Click for Team EntryIN - Evansville 01/16/23Metro Sports CenterClick for Team Entry
IN - Fort Wayne 11/13/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTIN - Fort Wayne 11/13/22The Diamond Baseball and Softball AcademyClick for Team Entry
IN - Lafayette 01/22/23 - Click for Team EntryIN - Lafayette 01/22/23Legacy Sports ClubClick for Team Entry
IN - South Bend 12/04/22 - Click for Team EntryIN - South Bend 12/04/22D-BAT ElkhartClick for Team Entry
KS - Hays 11/27/22 - Click for Team EntryKS - Hays 11/27/22The PitClick for Team Entry
KS - Junction City 01/15/23 - Click for Team EntryKS - Junction City 01/15/23DK Sports and FitnessClick for Team Entry
KS - Pittsburg 01/22/23 - Click for Team EntryKS - Pittsburg 01/22/23World Class SportsClick for Team Entry
KS - Wichita 12/10/22 - Click for Team EntryKS - Wichita 12/10/22Hoover FieldClick for Team Entry
KY - Louisville 12/04/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTKY - Louisville 12/04/22Legends Sports AcademyClick for Team Entry
LA - New Orleans 01/08/23 - Click for Team EntryLA - New Orleans 01/08/23Junction Place SportsplexClick for Team Entry
MA - Springfield 12/17/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTMA - Springfield 12/17/22The Batters BoxClick for Team Entry
ME - Portland 11/05/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTME - Portland 11/05/22Maine Athletic ComplexClick for Team Entry
MI - Flint 01/08/23 - Click for Team EntryMI - Flint 01/08/23Mundy SportplexClick for Team Entry
MI - Grand Rapids 12/03/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTMI - Grand Rapids 12/03/22Diamond Sports Training AcademyClick for Team Entry
MN - Twin Cities 11/06/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTMN - Twin Cities 11/06/22The CagesClick for Team Entry
MO - Cape Girardeau 01/29/23 - Click for Team EntryMO - Cape Girardeau 01/29/23Cape Girardeau SportsPlexClick for Team Entry
MO - Jefferson City 02/05/23 - Click for Team EntryMO - Jefferson City 02/05/23The ZoneClick for Team Entry
MO - Kansas City 02/05/23 - Click for Team EntryMO - Kansas City 02/05/23Homefield Kansas CityClick for Team Entry
MO - Springfield 01/21/23 - Click for Team EntryMO - Springfield 01/21/23Marucci Clubhouse MidwestClick for Team Entry
MO - St. Louis 02/04/23 - Click for Team EntryMO - St. Louis 02/04/23The Hitting ZoneClick for Team Entry
MS - Jackson 12/18/22 - Click for Team EntryMS - Jackson 12/18/22Madison County Sports ZoneClick for Team Entry
NC - Charlotte 12/17/22 - Click for Team EntryNC - Charlotte 12/17/22Triple Crown Baseball Softball GolfClick for Team Entry
NE - Lincoln 11/19/22 - Click for Team EntryNE - Lincoln 11/19/22D-BAT LincolnClick for Team Entry
NE - Grand Island 01/16/23 - Click for Team EntryNE - Grand Island 01/16/23Grand Island Community FieldhouseClick for Team Entry
NH - New Hampshire 11/06/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTNH - New Hampshire 11/06/22The Hampshire DomeClick for Team Entry
OH - Cincinnati 01/21/23 - Click for Team EntryOH - Cincinnati 01/21/23Champions Baseball AcademyClick for Team Entry
OH - Cleveland 01/07/23 - Click for Team EntryOH - Cleveland 01/07/23Soccer SportsplexClick for Team Entry
OH - Columbus 11/12/22 - Click for Team EntryOH - Columbus 11/12/22KSM Sports and FitnessClick for Team Entry
OH - Toledo 12/03/22 - Click for Team EntryOH - Toledo 12/03/22Total Sports RossfordClick for Team Entry
OK - Oklahoma City 12/11/22 - Click for Team EntryOK - Oklahoma City 12/11/22D-BAT Oklahoma CityClick for Team Entry
OK - Tulsa 01/15/23 - Click for Team EntryOK - Tulsa 01/15/23D-BAT TulsaClick for Team Entry
OR - Portland 12/29/22 - Click for Team EntryOR - Portland 12/29/22Indoor Goals Sports ArenaClick for Team Entry
PA - Lancaster 11/20/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTPA - Lancaster 11/20/22Keystone State SportsClick for Team Entry
PA - Philadelphia 11/12/22 - Click for Team EntryPA - Philadelphia 11/12/22All American Baseball AcademyClick for Team Entry
PA - Pittsburgh 11/19/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTPA - Pittsburgh 11/19/22Greentree SportsPlexClick for Team Entry
RI - Providence 12/18/22 - Click for Team EntryRI - Providence 12/18/22Longplex Sports Family & Sports CenterClick for Team Entry
SC - Charleston 12/18/22 - Click for Team EntrySC - Charleston 12/18/22Pro Performance AthleticsClick for Team Entry
SD - Sioux Falls 11/20/22 - Click for Team EntrySD - Sioux Falls 11/20/22Turf 37Click for Team Entry
TN - Memphis 01/28/23 - Click for Team EntryTN - Memphis 01/28/23D-BAT MemphisClick for Team Entry
TN - Nashville 11/26/22 - Click for Team EntryTN - Nashville 11/26/22D-BAT NashvilleClick for Team Entry
TX - Dallas 01/14/23 - Click for Team EntryTX - Dallas 01/14/23D-BAT ArlingtonClick for Team Entry
TX - Houston 01/07/23 - Click for Team EntryTX - Houston 01/07/23House of HittersClick for Team Entry
UT - Salt Lake City 01/07/23 - Click for Team EntryUT - Salt Lake City 01/07/23Elite Level Sports AcademyClick for Team Entry
VA - Manassas 11/12/22 - Click for Team EntryVA - Manassas 11/12/22Battlefield SportsplexClick for Team Entry
VA - Richmond 01/07/23 - Team Entries SOLD OUTVA - Richmond 11/13/22Sports Reality Performance TrainingClick for Team Entry
WA - Kennewick 12/10/22 - Click for Team EntryWA - Kennewick 12/10/22D-BAT Columbia BasinClick for Team Entry
WA - Seattle 12/28/22 - Click for Team EntryWA - Seattle 12/28/22EL1 Sports PuyallupClick for Team Entry
WI - Madison 11/05/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTWI - Madison 11/05/22Thundercat Sports AcademyClick for Team Entry
WI - Milwaukee 11/06/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTWI - Milwaukee 11/06/22NX Level Sport PerformanceClick for Team Entry
WI - Superior 11/05/22 - Team Entries SOLD OUTWI - Superior 11/05/22Marcovich Wellness CenterClick for Team Entry

Why you'll love our camps!

  • Led by current college coaches - bringing years of experience and proven skill-building drills to improve your player's game.
  • Players are paired with the correct age/skill level to make sure they get the most out of the camp.
  • All camps are held indoors so we can focus on skills and player development in a controlled environment. No need to worry about weather conditions.
  • Our camps are designed to be FUN! It's not all work, no play. We want players to enjoy their time with us and the coaches.
  • Softball is all about speed and correct fundamentals. Your player will walk away a better ballplayer.

What to expect at camp

Each College coach is selected for a specific fundamental skill area that they specialize in. Each athlete will get to spend 40-45 minutes with all college coaches during the four skill rotations: hitting, infield, outfield, and speed & agility. We also have two additional sessions that you may sign up for covering pitching and catching. These sessions run 60 minutes in length after the completion of the rotation portion of the camp. For more information regarding each specific session, please click below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The NCAA stipulates that this camp is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender).

We only list coaches that have agreed to attend our camp as camp instructors. However, there are times when their schedule changes, forcing us to replace them. Coaches are subject to change without notice.


She had a wonderful experience and learned a lot. She made some new friends and worked on her pitching-which was the highlight of her day!

Danielle Q.

My daughter had a great time at this camp! They seemed to group the kids by ages well and did some fun drills that we hadn't seen before.

Holly C.

Maddox loved the camp and really loved how they explained the drills. She is excited for the next camp.

Heather W.

Excellent camp. Both my girls enjoyed it. They got to learn directly from local college coaches and learn new techniques/skills/drills to work on post-camp.

Stacy C.