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2024 – 11/16 Springfield, IL

Springfield, IL Camp Entry
Camp Information

Saturday, November 16th, 2024
8:30 am – 12 pm – Full Camp
(Hitting, Infield, Outfield, Speed/Agility)
12 pm – 1 pm – Pitching and Catching

Camp Location: The Clubhouse
110 W Ash St, Chatham, IL 62629

What To Expect At Camp

In the Standard Camp, participants will have the opportunity to spend 40-45 minutes with each college coach during all four fundamental skill rotations (Hitting, Infield, Outfield, and speed & Agility). You can also choose to sign up for an additional 60-minute session on pitching or catching, available after the main camp. Each college coach is chosen based on their expertise in a specific fundamental skill area.


During our camp, your athlete will have the opportunity to enhance their bat speed and sharpen their pitch recognition skills. Our instructors will emphasize where the strike zone is and the best location to hit different pitches to maximize power. We’re committed to helping your athlete unlock their full potential at the plate!
Our focus is on cultivating a rapid, seamless, and fluid response when fielding ground balls and delivering precise throws. We are dedicated to helping your athlete develop these essential skills to excel on the field.
Our instructors will lead drills that specifically highlight the importance of drop steps and getting into position behind every fly ball. Additionally, we’ll teach your athletes the optimal techniques for fielding balls while on the move, enabling them to make stronger and more accurate throws to the bases.
Speed & Agility
Speed & Agility
Our camps include a variety of agility drills and exercises to improve lateral movement, quick direction changes, and overall maneuverability on the ball field. Overall, speed and agility training will improve an athlete’s physical attributes, making them better prepared for the demands of fastpitch softball.
(Optional 60 Minute Session)
Our catching session is designed exclusively for catchers, offering specialized small-group instruction. Here, the primary focus is on mastering optimal techniques for receiving the ball, framing for favorable umpire calls, refining footwork, honing blocking skills, and optimizing the speed transition when throwing the ball.
(Optional 60 Minute Session)
Elevate your athlete’s pitching skills with us! Our dedicated coach introduces college-level drills for accuracy, speed, and pitch movement. These drills provide valuable takeaways for at-home practice, ensuring lasting improvement on the mound. Give your athlete the competitive edge they deserve by enrolling them today.

Why You’ll Love Our Camps!

  • Led by current college coaches – bringing years of experience and proven skill-building drills to improve your player’s game.
  • Players are paired with the correct age/skill level to make sure they get the most out of the camp.
  • Our camps are designed to be FUN! It’s not all work, no play. We want players to enjoy their time with us and the coaches.
  • Softball is all about speed and correct fundamentals. Your player will walk away a better ballplayer.

The NCAA stipulates that this camp is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender).

We only list coaches who have agreed to attend our camp as camp instructors. However, there are times when their schedule changes, forcing us to replace them. Coaches are subject to change without notice.

Standard Camp

Each College coach is selected for a specific fundamental skill area that they specialize in. Each athlete will get to spend 40-45 minutes with all college coaches during the four skill rotations: hitting, infield, outfield, and speed & agility.


Add Pitching

Each pitcher must provide a catcher to catch for them. Athletes CAN NOT attend both the catching and pitching sessions.

Add Catching

Catchers equipment required. The catching session is a stand-alone portion of the camp and catcher's can not catch for someone in the pitching session. Athletes CAN NOT attend both the catching and pitching sessions.

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