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Pitching Skills Session

60 Minutes

Elevate your athlete's pitching skills with us! Our dedicated coach introduces college-level drills for accuracy, speed, and pitch movement. These drills provide valuable takeaways for at-home practice, ensuring lasting improvement on the mound. Give your athlete the competitive edge they deserve by enrolling them today.

Camp structure: the coach will bring the group together, teach a drill, and send the girls back out to work on it with their catchers while the coach walks through to observe the form of each athlete to make sure they are successfully completing the drill. Then they will bring the group back together for the next drill.  This is not a private lesson, but it is a chance to learn specific drills to take home and improve as a pitcher.

Attention! You must provide your own catcher!

The catcher can be a teammate, parent, or friend. IF the catcher is under the age of 18, they MUST wear a facemask. Please do not signup without a catcher! The camp has a limited number of spots available.