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Ages 13+

Athletes ages 13 and up will have an opportunity to get timed and measured in areas that are important to further their softball career. For years college coaches have used these same measurables in the recruiting process. It is never too early to start working on areas where they need improvement. These metrics will be recorded and certified by Fastpitch Masters LLC then distributed to all college coaches who participate in our camps nationwide. Athletes will receive a copy of their metrics along with other helpful information which will give them an idea of where they stand on a national level. The Metrics Combine is a great way for athletes to show college coaches their skills through numbers.

*Limited to 12 Players*

Standard Measurables

20 Yard Dash

Girls will be times on their foot speed for 20 yards. Why 20 yards? 20 yards/60 feet is the distance between bases. It's important to know how explosive a player is out of the box. 

Agility Shuttle

Good footwork is essential to ever softball player. Players will test their change of direction and speed by touching each cone as fast as they can. Regardless if you're an infielder, outfielder, pitcher, or catcher, it is imperative that you improve in this area.  

Overhand Throw

How good of an arm do you have? What can you do to make it better? First thing you have to do is know where you're at. The MPH a player throws the ball will be recorded during this session. Coaches will instruct you on how to improve in this area. 

Ball to Glove Exit Speed

Quickness in handling ground balls is essential in fastpitch softball. We will measure the amount of time it takes for you to pick up a stationary ball and deliver it toward it's target.  

Hitting Measurables

Bat Speed

Bat Speed is the observed speed of the sweet spot of the bat at impact. The sweet spot of the bat is measured six inches from the tip of the bat.

Attack Angle

The angle that the barrel approaches the ball at impact.

Verticle Bat Angle

The steepness of barrel at impact from a catcher’s perspective. 

Time to Contact

The time measured from the start of the downswing to impact.

Peak Hand Speed

The fastest hand speed reached throughout the swing.


Bat mass avg. acceleration bat speed at impact.

Exit Velocity

Exit Velocity is the speed of the ball immediately after impact, in miles per hour.