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Finding Your “why”

Blog Cover - Finding Your why

Girls love softball all across the world, and there are a lot of reasons to play the game. Softball can try your patience and leave you frustrated at the end of the day. Along with baseball as the “game of failure,” it can be mentally exhausting some days. When players get to be teenagers, they get old enough to choose whether they want to continue the sport or not. For many players, they start finding their “why.” Your “why” is why you play the game. Softball is a big-time, and for some, financial commitment. We can assume players who continue with the game through high school and college love the game, but each person carries a person “why” with them that keeps them playing on the hard days. An example of a “why” could be they love the competitive drive the sport brings. Your “why” should be a big reason you play and what drives you to continue to get better. It’s essential to help athletes develop this to remember why they began and still play the game.

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