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Lessons from the Bench

September 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

For many players, the love for the game comes from playing and competing with their teammates. When faced with a competitive environment, they may find less playing time than on their travel teams. Watching others enjoy playing the sport you love can be difficult. It’s tough to grasp not being in a starting lineup when you’ve played the game for so long. Here are some lessons to be learned while sitting on the Bench:

1. Learn the game. Sitting allows you to learn the game and boost your softball I.Q. Many athletes may be playing for a coach with different coaching styles than what they’ve experienced. Sitting while learning the ropes can be a positive thing.
2. Bring energy. A loud dugout is essential in softball. Even if you aren’t making plays out there, your teammates and coaches will appreciate your enthusiasm for the game.
3. Be in the game. Studying the other team while sitting can give you valuable information to help your team succeed. Picking signs or noticing a pitcher’s throwing pattern can benefit the hitters on your team.
4. Have fun. Athletes will come and go through this game, and while it’ll always be there, you won’t, so no matter what your role is, make the best of it and bring positive energy. Moping about sitting on the bench creates negative energy that brings everyone down.
5. Compete. Learn that in softball as well as life, you have to work for what you want. Understand that sitting on the bench pushes you to work hard and be the best version of yourself. Compete for a starting spot and work towards your goal of earning it.

Fastpitch Masters Metrics Combine

July 20, 2021 | Comments Off on Fastpitch Masters Metrics Combine

Fastpitch Masters LCC is welcoming a new addition to our fundamental camps. Fastpitch Masters is a softball skills camp where current college coaches come and teach fundamental drills that players can use to better their game. We hold over 120 camps nationwide annually, and this year we’ve added our new Fastpitch Masters Metric Combine. We’re taking 12 athletes from the ages 13-18 from each camp to participate in a series of measured events pertaining to softball. For years college coaches have used metrics when recruiting players because it can give them a measurable look at their strengths and weaknesses. Fastpitch Masters wanted to give players a way to have their metrics recorded for college coaches by a third-party source. They’ll also receive information about the recruiting process and what coaches are looking for, along with receiving their metrics. Because Fastpitch Masters uses current college coaches, we give our metrics camp participants to opportunity to have their metrics sent out to all the coaches we work with nationwide.

Fastpitch Masters tests over the following skills:
20 Yard Dash
Agility Shuttle
Overhand Throw
Ball to Glove Exit Speed
Bat Speed
Attack Angle
Vertical Bat Angle
Time to Contact
Peak Hand Speed
Exit Velocity

Many of these hitting events are measured through Blast Motion. Blast Motion is a piece of technology that records the analytics in a softball swing regarding speed, power, and bat plane. These numbers can be compared to national averages, which will be included with the metrics score sheet.

Fastpitch Masters Softball Camps

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120 Camps nation wide annually

Winter Camps (A-Z)
AL - Mobile 01/09/2022
AL - Montgomery 01/22/2022
AR - Little Rock 01/29/2022
AR - Springdale 01/30/2022
CO - Colorado Springs 01/16/2022
CO - Denver 11/27/2021
CO - Fort Collins 01/17/2022
CT - Hartford 11/14/2021
DE - Middletown 11/14/2021
FL - Jacksonville 11/27/2021
FL - Sarasota 11/28/2021
FL - Tallahassee 01/23/2022
GA - Statesboro 12/12/2021
IA - Des Moines 11/20/2021
IA - Iowa City 01/16/2022
IA - Waterloo 11/21/2021
IL - Chicago 12/11/2021
IL - Peoria 12/12/2021
IL - Rockford 01/15/2022
IL - Springfield 12/12/2021
IN - Fort Wayne 11/14/2021
IN - Indianapolis 12/11/2021
IN - Lafayette 01/23/2022
KS - Hays 01/15/2022
KS - Pittsburg 01/23/2022
KS - Salina 11/28/2021
KS - Wichita 12/5/2021
LA - Lafayette 01/8/2022
LA - New Orleans 01/9/2022
MA - Springfield 12/18/2021
MD - Baltimore 01/23/2022
ME - Portland 11/6/2021
MI - Flint 01/9/2022
MI - Grand Rapids 01/8/2022
MN - Twin Cities 11/7/2021
MO - Cape Girardeau 01/30/2022
MO - Columbia 12/5/2021
MO - Kansas City 02/5/2022
MO - Springfield 01/22/2022
MO - St. Louis 12/4/2021
MS - Jackson 01/8/2022
NC - Charlotte 12/11/2021
NE - Lincoln 11/20/2021
NH - Milford 11/7/2021
NJ - East Brunswick 11/13/2021
OH - Cincinnati 01/22/2022
OH - Cleveland 12/5/2021
OH - Columbus 11/13/2021
OH - Toledo 12/4/2021
OK - Oklahoma City 12/4/2021
OK - Tulsa 01/16/2022
OR - Portland 12/28/2021
PA - Lancaster 11/21/2021
PA - Philadelphia 01/22/2022
PA - Pittsburgh 11/20/2021
RI - Providence 12/19/2021
SC - Charleston 01/9/2022
SC - Columbia 01/8/2022
SD - Sioux Falls 11/21/2021
TN - Kingsport 11/21/2021
TN - Knoxville 11/20/2021
TN - Nashville 01/29/2022
TX - Dallas 01/15/2022
TX - Houston 01/8/2022
TX - San Antonio 01/9/2022
UT - Salt Lake City 01/8/2022
VA - Manassas 11/13/2021
VA - Richmond 11/14/2021
VA - Virginia Beach 11/13/2021
WA - Kennewick 01/15/2022
WA - Seattle 12/29/2021
WA - Spokane 01/16/2022
WI - Madison 11/6/2021
WI - Milwaukee 11/7/2021
WI - Superior 11/6/2021