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August 22nd Las Vegas Master Skills Camp

All girls will be placed in the rotation paired with their own age group, and will receive the same fundamental drills regardless of age.

Camp Date & Times:

Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

8:30 am - 12 pm - Full Camp
(Hitting, Infield, Outfield, Speed/Agility)

Additional Sessions
12 pm - 1 pm - Pitching and Catching Sessions
1 pm - 2 pm - FPM Metrics Combine

Camp Location:

Walk Off Batting Cages and Sports Training

Ashley Johnston

Ashley Johnston
College of
Southern Nevada

Tim Syrek

Tim Syrek
Community College

Kelsey Pollack

Kelsey Pollack
Community College

Jennifer Bock

Jenny Bock
Fastpitch Masters

Entry Information:

SessionPriceMore InfoAdditional Information
Full Camp$125.00More InfoGroup sessions of the following:
  • Hitting
  • Outfield
  • Infield
  • Speed & Agility
Add Pitching Session$50.00More InfoSpecial 1 hour session! During the pitching session, the instructors bring elite level drills to test your player’s skill level.  They will work with the athletes to build solid fundamentals to improve speed and movement.  The coach will emphasize drills that can carry the athlete through their career.  Each drill will be something that they can take-home that will help improve overall strength on the mound.  Camp structure:  coach will bring the group together, teach a drill, send the girls back out to work on it with their catchers (while the coach walks through to observe the form), then bring the group back together for the next drill.  This is not a private lesson but it is a chance to learn specific drills to take home and improve as a pitcher.

Note: Each Pitcher MUST provide someone to catch for them. Can be a parent or friend or teammate NOT in the Catching Session.
Add Catching Session$50.00More InfoSpecial 1 hour Catching session. Catching is a completely separate camp in which catchers will be given small group instruction.  They will focus on the best way to receive the ball and frame to get the highest level of calls. Strength, Speed and accuracy is what a catcher needs to play elite softball.  Coaches will emphasize on footwork, blocking, and how to increase speed transition in throwing the ball. Catchers are instrumental in controlling the flow of the game. There is no doubt that this is a special position and our elite drills will enhance the way the athlete looks at the game.

Note: Catchers Equipment Required! Those enrolled in the Catchers Session CAN NOT catch for someone in the pitching session!
Add Metrics Combine$65.00More Info

Athletes ages 13 and up will received documented statics of different softball measurables. These metrics will be posted online for numerous college coaches to see. Athletes will be given their metrics at the end of the camp. The Metrics Combine is a great way for athletes to show college coaches their skills through numbers. Coaches appreciate seeing athletes metrics from a third party source.

*Limited to 12 Players*

Our Master Skills Camp will bring in College Coaches and instructors to teach players skills to improve their game.  There will be four sections of the camp that focus on position specific instruction as well as the game overall. Included in the camp is Hitting, Infield , Outfield and Speed and Agility.  We have also available a special one hour camp just for Pitchers  and Catchers.

The NCAA stipulates that this camp is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender). Fastpitch Masters wants to see you succeed. Bringing in College Coaches to run these clinics accomplishes many different objectives. Fundamentals is where it’s at!

You are never too young to receive specific instructions on how to better your game. We will divide the girls into the correct age/skills classes so that they will get the most out of the camp.

We only list coaches that have agreed to attend our camp as camp instructors. However, there are times when their schedule changes, forcing us to replace them. Coaches are subject to change without notice.