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7 Benefits of Playing Softball

7 Benefits of Playing Softball

1. Physical Health – Softball may not rank at the top when it comes to the fitness needed to play, but it does incorporate a full-body workout every time you’re on the field. College softball usually requires lifting weights throughout the year, which is taught to players and allows them to continue their physical fitness once their career is over.

2. Learning Teamwork – As we know, softball is a team sport that requires everyone on the team to work together to achieve the same goal. Understanding how to work with people different from you to reach a similar outcome is a lifelong skill that players will have forever. 

3. Accountability – There are many lessons and skills that sports, in general, can teach you, along with accountability. Softball keeps players accountable because your actions affect everyone else when you’re playing on a team. There are times when you may mess up, and it will affect the whole team, but you have to be accountable in that moment and do what you can to be better the next time. 

4. Mental & Physical Toughness – Softball sure isn’t at the top when it comes to being a contact sport, but it does come with its fair share of bumps, scrapes, and bruises. Taking a hit from a ball and getting back up can show signs of physical toughness. Softball is often also called the game of failure because even the best players statistically will fail more times than they succeed when it comes to hitting. Hitting is considered one of the hardest things to do in sports because of hand-eye contact and quick decision-making. Learning to accept failure as part of the process can make someone mentally tougher for the rest of their life. 

5. Friendship – You may not think of this as something to gain from a sport, but over the years, we have seen countless girls make their best friends through softball and keep them for years down the road. Softball can give you a whole team full of players that have a common interest than you and the same age. 

6. Value of Hard Work – Softball, with most sports, is about the repetition a player puts in to be better. This game does not come without hard work and patience, which is another lesson that can last a lifetime. 

7. Potential Scholarship Money – While we hope players continue softball in college for the love of the game, we can’t ignore the fact that softball scholarships can help pay for college.