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2022 Summer Schedule

2022 Summer Schedule - Blog

Fastpitch Masters LLC looks to bring players the best advice and instruction from current college coaches to our camp. Fastpitch Masters LLC hosts camps all around the country and will most likely be coming near you soon! We bring drills to our camp that can be taken home so players can continue their softball journey. We want girls from all ages who are looking to try the sport or come for a good workout to sign up for our one day camps. We bring current college coaches to run our drills which are done with ease and excellence. Below we have listed our Summer 2022 camp schedule!

07/06/2022 Kennewick, WA

07/06/2022 Louisville, KY

07/07/2022 Evansville, IN

07/07/2022 Portland, OR

07/12/2022 Charlotte, NC

07/13/2022 Centralia, WA

07/13/2022 Columbia, SC

07/13/2022 Pittsburg, KS

07/14/2022 Oklahoma City, OK

07/26/2022 Des Moines, IA

07/26/2022 Hays, KS

07/27/2022 Fort Collins, CO

07/27/2022 Kansas City, MO

07/28/2022 Salina, KS

07/30/2022 Lafayette, IN

07/31/2022 Champaign, IL

08/06/2022 Milwaukee, WI

08/06/2022 Omaha, NE

08/06/2022 Toledo, OH

08/07/2022 Detroit, MI

08/07/2022 Quad Cities, IA

08/07/2022 Topeka, KS

08/13/2022 Dallas, TX

08/13/2022 Pittsburgh, PA

08/13/2022 St. Louis, MO

08/14/2022 Chicago, IL

08/14/2022 Columbus, OH

08/14/2022 Wichita, KS

08/20/2022 Loves Park, IL

08/20/2022 Nashville, TN

08/20/2022 Salt Lake City, UT

08/20/2022 Twin Cities, MN

08/21/2022 Cape Girardeau, MO

08/21/2022 Cedar Rapids, IA

08/21/2022 Phoenix, AZ

08/21/2022 Sioux Falls, SD

08/27/2022 Baltimore, MD

08/27/2022 Seattle, WA

08/28/2022 Philadelphia, PA

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