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01/07 Richmond, VA Fastpitch Softball Camp

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

8:30 am - 12 pm - Standard Camp
(Hitting, Infield, Outfield, Speed/Agility)

12 pm - 1 pm - Pitching and Catching Sessions
(See Details Below)

Camp Location: Sports Reality Performance Training
8137 Pine Ridge Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23116

SessionsPriceDetailsAdditional Information
Standard Camp$125.00Click HereAthletes are paired with the correct age/skill level to make sure they get the most out of the camp.

The camp is divided into four skill rotations, each taught by a current college coach. Each college coach is selected for a specific fundamental skill area that they specialize in. All athletes will get to spend 40-45 minutes with each coach. 

Hitting, Infield, Outfield, and Speed & Agility
Add Pitching$55.00Click HereSpecial 1 hour session! Must have at least 1-year of experience pitching for a team.

During the pitching session, the pitching coach will bring college-level fundamental drills to improve accuracy, speed, and movement. Each drill will be something that they can take home that will help improve overall strength on the mound.

Camp structure: the coach will bring the group together, teach a drill, and send the girls back out to work on it with their catchers while the coach walks through to observe the form of each athlete to make sure they are successfully completing the drill. Then they will bring the group back together for the next drill.  This is not a private lesson, but it is a chance to learn specific drills to take home and improve as a pitcher.

Note: Each Pitcher MUST provide someone to catch for them. Can be a parent or friend or teammate NOT in the Catching Session.
Add Catching$55.00Click HereSpecial 1-hour Catching session. Must have at least 1-year of experience catching for a team.

Catching is a completely separate camp in which catchers will be given small-group instruction.  They will focus on the best way to receive the ball and frame to get the highest level of calls. Strength, Speed, and accuracy are what a catcher needs to play elite softball.  Coaches will emphasize footwork, blocking, and how to increase speed transition in throwing the ball. Catchers are instrumental in controlling the flow of the game. There is no doubt that this is a special position and our elite drills will enhance the way the athlete looks at the game.

Note: Catchers Equipment is Required! Those enrolled in the Catchers Session CAN NOT catch someone in the pitching session!

Our Camp Coaches

All our camp instructors are current college coaches with years of experience and proven skill-building drills to teach how the game is to be played.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The NCAA stipulates that this camp is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender).

We only list coaches that have agreed to attend our camp as camp instructors. However, there are times when their schedule changes, forcing us to replace them. Coaches are subject to change without notice.